Who We Are

Procurement and Supplies Professionals and Technicians Board (PSPTB) established in 2007 by Parliamentary Act No. 23 is the successor of both the National Board for Materials Management (NBMM) founded in 1981 by Parliamentary Act No.9, and Materials Management Caretaker Committee (MMCC). MMCC founded in 1978 laid down foundation for professionalism which later gave rise to the birth of NBMM.


To become the center of excellence in Procurement and Supplies Management.


To promote and develop the profession by imparting the members with knowledge and skills necessary for effective and ethical management of procurement and supplies functions through training, research and professional services.

Core Values


The Board will act in honest, ethical, and professional manner in all endeavours, and fully disclose all pertinent information, uphold the laws and their regulations demonstrate accountability, treat everyone with fairness and respect.


The Board will strive to act in all dealings in a professional, proactive manner embodying ethical, consistent, frank and fair decision making, based on the facts. It will provide services through a highly skilled and competent workforce.


The Board will treat people equally.


The Board will be responsible, ethical, and diligent in decision making, transactions, dealings and performance of Strategic Plan.